Professionally  Restored Antique Furniture For The Home     

A beautiful ornate three-piece set consisting of a platform rocker, chair and love seat.

Price:   $3,850.  (Includes 2 chairs seen below.)                      # 0458-0459-0461 Sorry-I'm Sold!

 This beautiful three-piece set is also mahogany and upholstered in a gold/brown tapestry.

Price:  $3,095.                #0057  & 0058

3-Piece Parlor Set shown above.  It has large carved lion's heads and carved feet.

Price:  $3,295.            # 0789-0788-0787

A quality piece of classic antique furniture not only adds to the ambiance of your home but offers a very use- able solid piece of furniture. It also has something new furniture cannot offer and that is character!

Mahogany Rocker, Chair & Footstool
Price:  $1,695.00          #0605  &  #0606

This set is SOLD!       #0024 & #0025  Price:  $5,000.